Online Application for Admission

Fort Cox Institute offers two ways through which prospective students can apply for admission to study both Diploma in Agriculture (with specialization in Animal Production, Crop Production, Agribusiness and Agricultural Engineering), Diploma in Forestry as well as Advanced Diploma in Forestry Management, Advanced Diploma in Horticulture and Advanced Diploma in Animal Production qualifications. Please note that if you choose this application for admission mode, it is critical to ensure that all necessary documentations are uploaded in order to successfully complete the application process.

Manual Application for Admission

For those prospective students who may be unable to complete an online application form for admission and may wish to do so manually, the manual application form for admission is downloadable by clicking the button below. However, if you choose this mode of application, it is important to note that the fully and neatly completed application form will have to be sent or forwarded to the Institute's admission office via post and/or can also be physically hand delivered to the Institute. All the necessary supporting documents should be attached as well including the non-refundable application fee.

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