Diploma in Agricultural Engineering

The Diploma in Agricultural Engineering is a three year qualification at NQF level 6 with a minimum of 360 credits. Furthermore, to attain admission to study this qualification it is required that prospective students should have passed matric or grade 12 with relevant science subjects combination and in addition, one must have accrued a total of 24 APS points. .

Year 1

Semester 1
1 Physical Sciences I (AF113)
2 Engineering Mathematics I (AF112)
3 Introduction to Crop Production (CS111)
4 Technical Communication Skills (AF111)
5 Introduction to Animal Production (AS111)
6 Introduction to Soil Science (SS111)
7 Introduction to Computer Science (AE113)
8 Engineering Economics & Accountancy (AB112)

Semester 2
9 Introduction to Engineering Materials (AB111)
10 Workshop Practice (AE121)
11 Engineering Mathematics II (AF122)
12 Physical Sciences II (include force analysis) (AF123)
13 Engineering Drawing (CAD2D & CAD3D) (AE122)
14 GIS & Remote sensing (AE123)
15 Thermodynamics (AE124)

Year 2

Semester 1
16 Water Resources Engineering (AE211)
17 Fluid Hydraulics (AE212)
18 Introduction to Statistics (AE213)
19 Land Surveying (AE214)
20 Farm Power and Machinery (AE217)
21 Environmental Engineering (AE216)
22 Farm structures (AE215)

Semester 2

23 Environmental control for Agricultural Structures (AE221)
24 Electrical Power & Instrumentation (AE222)
25 Agricultural Extension (AX122)
26 Farm Mechanization (AE223)
27 Soil & Water Conservation Engineering (AE224)
28 Water supplies and sanitary Engineering (include water pumps) (AE225)
29 Computer Science Applications (AE226)                              

Year 3

Semester 1

30 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering (AE311)
31 Sustainable Renewable Energy (AE213)
32 Food Processing Engineering (AE313)
33 Agricultural Systems Automation (AE314)
34 Agricultural Engineering Entrepreneurship (AE315)
35 Engineering Project (AE316)

Semester 2                            
27 Work Integrated Learning (AE321)          

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