• Fundraaising and Infrastructure Committee
    This committee is responsible with fundraising and infrastructure activities of the Institute. (i) Mrs M. Marasha (Chaiperson); (ii) Mrs S. Mzantsi; (iii) Mr P.J. Mnguni
  • Academic Board
    This committee provides oversight on academic programmes matters of the institute. (i) Professor L. Buwa-Komoreng (Chairperson); (ii) Dr M. Khapayi; (iii) Dr C. Mnqeta; (iv) Mr Z. Tshotyana – (SRC President)
  • Finance Committee
    This committee provides oversight on financial matters of the institute. (i) Mr N. Dlamini (Chairperson); (ii) Mrs S. Mzantsi; (iii) Mrs N. Gayika; (iv) Mrs N Mnconywa (Co-opted Member)
  • Audit and Risk Committee
    This committee provides support to the Council to identify governance and operational risks in the Institute. (i) Professor Winston Plaatjes (Chairperson); (ii) Ms Tulisile Nkonki; (iii) Mr Masibulele Phesa
  • Human Resource Committee
    This committee oversight with the human resource management matters. (i) Mr P. J. Mnguni (Chairperson); (ii) Ms N. Bongco; (iii) M. Marasha; (iv) Dr M. Khapayi; (v) Mr S. Delihlazo (Labour Rep)

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