Fort Cox College of Agriculture and Forestry

College Farm


Colin Painter
Designation: Farm Manager

The Fort Cox farm is 1500 ha in size, and is broken up into 60 ha of cultivated lands and the rest utilized for grazing of livestock. Its infrastructure entails the farm offices, a shop, chicken and red meat abattoirs as well as sheds. It also possesses a fleet of 7 tractors, a 3 ton truck and a one ton LDV; as well as the required implements and accoutrements.

Cultivated lands

Currently, the college farm is producing vegetables on 25 ha which get sold to the various markets in the surrounding area. Popular crops produced are cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beetroot, potatoes, carrots, lettuce and spinach.

In addition to vegetables, the farm also produces maize in summer (20 ha) for silage production and Lucerne for winter fodder. Currently, there is 20 ha of ryegrass and oats for Dairy cows in winter. The farm has also a small citrus orchard of 2000 trees comprising mainly of oranges and naartjies.


Since this is an institution’s farm, it therefore has to demonstrate all domestic livestock that are being farmed in South Africa. The farm holds two beef herds of the Bonsmara and Nguni types with a total herd size of 170 large stock units, as well as sheep (currently about 109) and goats (currently about 71). There is also a dairy herd of 62 cows, even though at any given time the farm milks 20 cows at a time, an approach that ensures an all year round production.


The college farm currently slaughters about 4500 birds a month which are sold at the college shop situated at the farm premises. In addition to broilers, the college also has about 500 laying hens which produce on average of 9000 eggs per month.


The college farm endows a breeding herd of 23 sows and 3 boars, which produce 2 litters per year with an average litter size being 8 piglets. The college farm also sells weaners to the local market and abattoirs.