Fort Cox College of Agriculture and Forestry

The College Council

Fort Cox Council


➤ Professor F. Lategan

Deputy Chairperson

➤ Mr X. Ngqameni

Audit Committee

➤ To be annunced (Chairperson)

Academic Committee

➤ Professor V. Muchenje (Chairperson)
➤ Mr I.W Henderson
➤ Dr. N. Monde

Finance Committee

➤ Mr. S. Mase (Chairperson)
➤ Mr. K. Mbokotho

Governance Committee

➤ Mr. X. Ngqameni (Chairperson)
➤ Mr. X. Ngqameni
➤ Professor V. Muchenje
➤ Mr. K Mbokotho

HR and Remuneration Committee